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Whether Criminal Law, Divorce Or Another Family Law Issue, We Stand Between You And The Problem

When you are facing criminal charges or are involved in a divorce or custody dispute, what you really need is legal protection and sound advice. You need someone who will fight to protect your rights, your interests and your future. You need someone to stand between you and the problem.

At The Epps Law Group, that is exactly what we do. We provide the strong legal protection and meaningful advice you need to resolve your issue in the best manner possible.

Experience You Can Trust

You wouldn't want to be the first patient your surgeon operates on. And you wouldn't want your dentist to consult a manual in the middle of your root canal. The same should be true for your lawyer.

At The Epps Law Group, we have the experience you want - and need. Kyle Epps is an attorney who is a former prosecutor and a former police officer. He knows what you are up against from every angle when facing criminal charges and what it takes to protect you from the heavy hand of the criminal justice system. He doesn't need a legal manual to handle your case. Instead, he draws on his decades of real world experience. Everyone knows that most of what goes on in the criminal justice system just cannot be taught in school.

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An Arrest Is Not A Conviction. Fight It.

After being charged with a crime, it can feel like you are standing at a crossroads. One path leads to a conviction, possible jail time, fines and a permanent criminal record. The other puts you back on track to achieving your life's goals. Even if your case does not go to trial, we will fight to minimize the impact the case will have on your life and get you past the case as soon as possible.

The important thing to reme mber is that you have a choice. You can – and should – choose to have a professional review your case to ensure you are not making a big mistake. We can help. We provide expert criminal defense representation in North Georgia. We will fight to have your charge dismissed, reduced or obtain a not guilty verdict at trial. Our first priority is to protect you and your future.

You Need Someone Who Is Experienced In The Criminal Justice System From All Angles

When your case goes to trial you want to know that your defense attorney lives, eats and breathes criminal defense. Kyle Epps is an attorney with a skill set that is unique in that he has worked on both sides of the courtroom. Prior to becoming a lawyer, he was a police officer, a member of the SWAT team and gang unit, and an instructor at the police academy. He is also a former prosecutor. He knows how the criminal justice system works, he knows the stakes, and he knows how to get results for his clients.

We Will Help You Overcome Your Family Law Challenges

When faced with divorce, custody disputes, domestic violence or other family law issues, you need an advocate and a counselor. Kyle Epps has been helping clients overcome their family law challenges for more than 20 years. He will handle your case with skill, compassion and dedication.

Do Not Wait To Get Legal Help

If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, or if you are going through a divorce or other family law matters, you need legal help. Waiting will only make your situation worse. Do not delay. Call 678-648-4940, or contact us online. Our office is located in Cumming, Georgia.

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