How to Comply with Your Court-Ordered Dui Community Service

If you have been convicted of DUI/DWI in the Cumming area, you will most likely be ordered to perform community service. It is one of the possible penalties DUI defendants face upon conviction. Before going further, you should understand that if you wish to avoid the serious consequences of a DUI conviction, then you should consider working with a defense attorney to fight the charges against you.

If you have already been convicted and ordered to serve the community, you may not know what your options are. This is common among defendants, especially those convicted of a first offense. While most people dread the community service portion of their sentence, many have actually found it to be one of the easiest and in some cases, the most rewarding penalty imposed.

In most cases, you will be allowed to choose the organization with which to do your service. Some people opt for local churches, the humane society or perhaps a health care facility. You can also choose nationwide organizations by searching online for possibilities.

Below are a few options from which you can choose. In all cases, make certain that your community service requirements will be met with the organization or program you choose.

Volunteer Solutions: Here you can enter your interests to come up with local matches or choose from different age groups that might need service.

VolunteerMatch: This site allows you to choose from interest groups including animals or environmental causes. Simply enter your location information for local opportunities. Here, you can utilize many of the same kinds of search options available on other volunteer websites. An added benefit with this site is that you can filter your results to list court-ordered service programs.