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White collar crimes are nonviolent, financially motivated acts that are often committed by individuals, government officials, and businesses. Charges may be brought against a defendant by the state or federal government, depending on the specifics of the situation. In addition to criminal prosecution, the victims may bring civil lawsuits against the defendant, either at the same time or after the criminal case is concluded.

If you find yourself entangled in allegations of financial offenses, having a knowledgeable and experienced Cumming white-collar crimes attorney by your side is crucial. At The Epps Law Group, we are committed to providing effective and zealous representation for individuals and businesses alike, helping you understand your rights, delivering a strong defense strategy, and seeking the best possible result in your case. Attorney Kyle E. Epps III is here to bring you the experience needed to safeguard your interests and protect your reputation in the face of legal adversity.

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Types of White Collar Crimes

Some examples of white collar crimes include:

  • Money Laundering: The state has strict requirements for reporting and record keeping. When an individual or organization obtains funds through illegal methods and uses financial transactions in an attempt to legitimize the funds, that person may be charged with money laundering.
  • Embezzlement: An individual may be charged with embezzlement for obtaining money or property from another person with an agreement for using those funds for a specific purpose but converting the funds or property for personal use. This is often committed by employees or officers of financial institutions, businesses, or government entities.
  • Identity Fraud: A person may face this charge for willfully and fraudulently using another person’s information without that person’s consent or accepting identifying information that is known to be fraudulent.
  • Securities Fraud: This crime is also known as insider trading, and it involves providing information about the value of securities to provide an unfair advantage to an individual making decisions regarding the buying and selling of securities.
  • Tax Evasion: If a person knowingly attempts to defraud the state or federal government by claiming false information or knowingly omitting documents or facts, that person may be charged with tax evasion.

What are the Penalties For White Collar Crimes in Georgia?

White collar crimes may be charged as misdemeanors or felonies, depending on the circumstances of the case and the amount of money involved. Regardless of whether you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges, it is wise to hire an experienced Cumming white collar crimes lawyer.

Although these are not violent crimes, the government takes these acts very seriously, and harsh penalties may be imposed upon conviction. You are at risk of lengthy jail or prison terms, large fines, and restitution to the victims. In addition, your professional reputation is at risk, which may limit your employment opportunities in the future, even after you are released from jail. For this reason, you need an experienced Cumming white collar criminal lawyer on your side.

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White collar crimes may be the result of a misunderstanding, oversight, or the act may have been perpetrated by another, yet you stand accused. Once you have been charged, any actions you take could have an impact on the outcome of the case. To prevent a misstep from negatively affecting your case, you should not hesitate to get advice from a knowledgeable Cumming white crimes attorney at The Epps Law Group.

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