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In Georgia, the juvenile court hears cases surrounding the protection and development of the state’s children. This includes items like criminal charges against juveniles (delinquency) and dependency actions against parents regarding the safety and health of their children (Children in Need of Services). If your child has been charged with delinquency, or if a complaint has been filed against you, as a parent, alleging deprivation/dependency, you need legal representation now. Our Cumming juvenile crimes lawyer has everything you need to address the charges and work toward protecting your child.

How We Can Help

Delinquency charges are akin to criminal charges. While it is true that minors are treated differently than adults, the consequences of an adjudication (similar to a guilty verdict) can be devastating to a minor’s future.

You should hire an attorney to handle your child’s delinquency charge for three reasons:

  • To lessen the blow of a criminal charge
  • To protect your child’s legal rights
  • To give your child a chance at a better future

Doctors don’t just treat symptoms. They want to cure the underlying medical issue. Your child’s legal team should take the same approach.

At The Epps Law Group, we take our job as your child’s juvenile lawyer seriously. For us, it’s not just about helping your child defeat his or her current legal issue. Instead, we want to help them avoid criminal charges in the future. That’s why we take the time to get to the root of the problem.

We talk straight with your children, making sure they realize the seriousness of their situation and the consequences if they continue down the same path. We also work with drug and alcohol counselors, mental health care professionals and other experts to identify the cause of the behavior. We want your child to have the support he or she needs to get back on the straight and narrow.

Are You at Risk of Losing Your Children?

If DFACS has called your house for any reason, you need to understand that they have the power to remove your children from your custody. Don’t wait until the issue has gotten to the final stages before contacting a lawyer to represent you and your family. No parent wants to lose their children. But, if you have been accused of abuse or neglect, and a case has been opened with the Department of Juvenile Justice that is the risk.

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Kyle Epps is one of the few Cumming juvenile crimes lawyers in North Georgia who has extensive experience in all the different areas of juvenile court. He should, as he has been a judge pro temp in Forsyth County Juvenile Court. If you find yourself in a situation involving a child and are being compelled — for whatever reason — to appear in juvenile court, contact The Epps Law Group now. Our office is located in Cumming, Georgia, and we handle juvenile law cases throughout the Atlanta metro.

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