Criminal Defense Attorney Red Flags

A criminal conviction can carry lasting consequences. Possible job loss, difficulty getting an apartment, or losing your right to vote being only some of them. For this reason, you should select your criminal defense attorney carefully. The Epps Law Group has years of experience providing tough and ethical representation for criminal defendants, but not all lawyers out there are similarly principled. Pay attention to the following red flags during your initial consultation.

Too Cocky

A lawyer should have confidence in their skills, but they should never promise to get you acquitted or to obtain a favorable plea deal. The truth is that your lawyer isn’t entirely in control of what happens. For example, juries sometimes convict even when a defendant has a solid defense, or prosecutors sometimes refuse to offer favorable plea deals for political or other reasons. An unethical lawyer won’t tell you any of this but will instead pretend that they can 100% get the charges dismissed.

By contrast, a good lawyer should explain the strengths and weaknesses of your case. They can also offer an opinion, based on their experience, about what will happen. But they will never promise you something they can’t deliver on.

Poor Communication

Communication is key to the attorney-client relationship. If your lawyer never tells you what’s going on, then it will be hard for you to offer your input. Remember, the client makes all of the important decisions, so your lawyer should consult you regularly. You also need to be able to reach your lawyer if you have questions, so remember to ask the following:

  • Does the lawyer prefer communication by email or over the phone?
  • If you call the office, will you talk to the attorney or will you speak to a legal assistant or junior attorney?
  • How often will the lawyer give you a status update and do you need to pay for it?

At your consultation, pay attention to how clearly the lawyer talks and whether you understand what they are saying. A good lawyer should ask if you have any questions and patiently answer them until you are satisfied. If the lawyer is too distracted or bored, then watch out.

Uses Fear as Motivation

Not every criminal charge can result in prison time. However, unscrupulous lawyers will sometimes use a lot of scare tactics to try and get you to hire them. For example, you might be told that you’ll go to prison for a simple misdemeanor charge. When meeting with the lawyer at your consultation, ask for an honest assessment and do some independent research online to see if what the lawyer tells you makes sense.

Choose an Ethical Georgia Criminal Defense Attorney

When you’ve been accused of a crime, you need to choose your criminal defense attorney carefully. Kyle Epps, the founder of The Epps Law Group, is a former prosecutor who can analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your case in a way that is easy to understand. Call us today at (678) 257-4507 for a free consultation, or fill out our online contact form.