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Almost everyone has come to a point where life gets ahead of them and the bills pile up beyond discernable repair. If you fall behind on your credit card bills, either a debt collector or the credit card company itself may come after you to collect the money they believe they are owed. Facing an aggressive and intimidating collection agency is daunting, but it doesn’t have to be when you enlist the services of our Cumming credit card lawsuit defense lawyer of The Epps Law Group. We will explore all possible paths of relief to help you and your family come up for air in what feels like an impossibly suffocating situation.

Why Am I Being Sued?

When you first sign up for a credit card, you usually sign an agreement which defines the contract between you and the credit card company. A standard violation involves falling behind or failing to make payments altogether, which may prompt a lawsuit. What happens next will vary depending on your circumstances, but the process generally involves a collection agency. The credit card company may then sell your debt to a debt collector and if you cannot settle with the collector, the debt will be resold until it reaches an attorney. If the settlement is still not cleared, you will be sued by the credit card company.

Don’t Let Them Bully You

When there is an unpaid balance of debt, ignoring this fact can be nearly impossible in the courts but it does not mean you are without a solution. In fact, one of the most success-driven methods of defense is an affirmative one, which means you acknowledge the debt went unpaid but that you should not be held responsible for this sum.

One of the strongest defenses is to claim a lack of privity, which claims there was no mutual relationship between you and the collectors. This is best achieved if you never actually signed a contract with the collection agency. Another defense is to argue the statute of limitations has passed and the debt is no longer collectible. Other angles include examining the credit card company’s service of complaint as well as whether the claim was incomplete.

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The Epps Law Group is led by a highly-esteemed legal professional with a sincere commitment to fighting for those in need of comprehensive legal counsel and representation. If you are being sued by a credit card or recovery company, we want you to know you have rights and our credit card lawsuit attorney can protect them. Don’t let these credit card and recovery companies bully you--we will do everything we can to fight back against even the most impossible situations.

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