Republicans Introduce Constitutional Carry House Bill in Georgia

Georgia residents concerned about gun rights can now take some comfort in the real possibility of a constitutional carry act. On Jan. 26, six republican representatives introduced House Bill 156. If passed, this bill will legalize the carrying of firearms in public places such as a “park, historic site, or recreational area.”

Taking a step away from legalese, this bill would make it lawful for Georgia citizens to carry or conceal a firearm without having to acquire a license. If the bill is passed, residents can still apply for and obtain a conceal carry license so that they may legally carry their weapons in other states.

Supporters of this bill and other efforts addressing gun rights believe that less restrictive gun laws on a state level can have a positive effect on Federal gun laws. The bill, if passed, will only apply to lawful weapons carriers, which means that people who are prohibited by law from possessing a weapon will still not be allowed to carry.

Currently, the only places Georgia residents can lawfully carry a firearm without a permit includes their homes, their businesses and their personal vehicles. The act would extend this right to certain public places, which is a widespread goal for many Georgians.

If you value your gun rights, this news should make you feel more hopeful about possible changes to the law. In the meantime, you can still protect your constitutional rights by speaking with a lawyer if the police attempt to detain you only to determine if you have a carry license. Your lawyer can also help you learn more about your gun rights in the state of Georgia.