An Overview of Carry Laws in the State of Georgia

The state of Georgia has various laws on the books regarding gun ownership. This post is an overview of those laws and some frequently asked questions surrounding them.

For starters, there is no registration law for gun ownership in Georgia. The only requirement Georgia residents must follow when it comes to registration is that the firearm is registered in accordance with the National Firearms Act.

A valid Georgia-issued identification card is required to purchase a firearm in the state along with a background check. If you have already been issued a Georgia Weapons License, this license will serve as your background check. There are some businesses in the state that will still require a background check even if you have a Georgia Weapons License. This is not a legal requirement, but rather a preference of the individual business.

You are legally allowed to sell your firearm to another citizen of Georgia without conducting a background check. The only law governing this is selling a firearm to a person who is ineligible to possess a firearm. If caught selling a firearm to a felon, you will be charged with a felony.

Any resident of Georgia traveling throughout the country must obey the firearm laws of those states even if they have a Georgia Weapons License. Not all states honor the Georgia Weapons License. Right now, 31 states honor it. Virginia only recognizes the Georgia Weapons License for holders who are 21 and older.

Residents of Georgia who do not have a Georgia Weapons License, but would legally be issued one if they applied, are allowed to carry in their home, place of business and vehicle.

You can apply for a Georgia Weapons License at your county Probate Court. Each county has different rules and costs for applying for the license.

An experienced criminal defense attorney in Cumming, Georgia, will be able to explain your gun rights in the state and lead you through any issues.