What Gun-Related Activities Are Illegal in Georgia?

When compared with other state’s gun laws, Georgia laws seem quite liberal. For example, you do not need to acquire a license to arm yourself on your own property. This includes your home, your personal vehicle and your business. In certain cases, you may also carry your gun while hunting provided you have a hunting license.

However, this does not mean you can take a gun with you wherever you go. If you wish to carry outside of your property, you do have to acquire a license or you will be in violation of state law.

It is safe to say that gun rights are important to Georgia residents. For law-abiding citizens, so is remaining in compliance with legislature. If you would like to exercise your gun rights and still abide by the law, the list of unlawful gun activities below will help.


Guns and minors: Make sure you know exactly how the minor plans to use a firearm before you hand it over. If he or she uses the gun for illegal purposes, you could face a felony charge.

Counterfeit carry licenses: In Georgia, using an altered or counterfeit carry license is a serious offense and comes with harsh penalties.


Pointing and aiming: It is unlawful to point a firearm at a person without justification even if the gun is not loaded.

Firing guns: You cannot legally fire a weapon in Georgia if you are on someone’s property and they have not given you permission. It is also illegal to shoot a gun if you are intoxicated or within 50 yards of a public roadway.

It is also important to remember that as long as you are within the law, you cannot be punished for exercising your gun rights. If you are having trouble with the law over your right to bear arms, you might consider talking with an attorney about your case.